Schedule, Rules & Patterns

Event Rules

Please follow this link to the rules for the 2015 Emerald Coast Challenge. Should you have any questions, please contact Fred by email or phone. 

Event Schedule

Please find the schedule for the events by clicking on the link here.  

Event Patterns

We will make an earnest attempt to set up the course as per the pattern drawings. Should the need arise to adjust, replace or revise any pattern due to location demands or the betterment of competition, we will post revisions given time permitting. Path of travel and rules will be posted at the event for your review. All patterns will be setup on Thursday, April 16th, 2015, for practice.

All divisions, Advanced Civilian, Advanced Motor Officer, Expert Civilian and Expert Motor Officer will run the same course without modification to the patterns. Expert Motor Officer and Expert Civilian will run one (1) extra pattern on each of the courses, Timed and Precision.

Please use our pattern measurements and drawings for practice purposes as most of them have been revised and altered to meet the needs of The Emerald Coast Motorcycle Challenge.

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